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- new cancer treatment
wave therapy



For the duration of the wave therapy course as an alternative way of cancer treatment, the only requirement is frequent and regular liquid consuming, which is necessary for the excretion of toxins and fission products of the tumor.


And it is also should be noted that during the the course and for some time afterwards, immune cells have been activated. Due to that, overall health condition significantly improves: blood quality improves, inflammation decrease. All that allows patient to fight cancer more efficiently.


For example, we have conducted an experiment, using the wave therapy method  to the patient with gastric cancer (stage 4). His blood tests showed a high rate of ESR (40 points), which indicates inflammatory process and metastasis in the liver. In parallel with the course of gastric cancer treatment, a new method of cancer treatment, we started to work at the area of a liver. In a week the patient did a blood test to check the situation.Blood test result showed the rate of ESR - 6 points.


Using a new method of treatment for stage 4 gastric cancer, we did stop the cancer progressing and reduced the tumor. That gave the patient a possibility to normalize his nutrition with a suitable diet.


A new method of cancer treatment is an alternative treatment for gastric cancer. It could be combined with the traditional method - chemotherapy, as well as with non-traditional methods of treatment of gastric cancer, such as popular medicine.


The distinctive feature of the wave therapy as an alternative cancer treatment, this is deceleration and localization of malignant processes without causing any additional harm to the organism as a whole.


Direct and exact impact on tumor of our new method of cancer treatment can provide with the first positive results after 5 - 11 sessions.


This allows seriously ill and inoperable patients to move to resectable stage in the shortest possible time (through the reduction and foci, as well as the improvement of the general health condition). This is impossible for patients with many chemotherapy and radiation therapy because of lack of time and poor health condition.


Another important advantage of the wave therapy is a good combination with all traditional methods of treatment (in addition to radiation therapy). That allows you to skip all doubts if it helps or not and also about the loss of precious time. The wave therapy method can be combined with such a classical methods of treatment as chemotherapy, and allows you to endure the side effects of chemotherapy easily, to recover faster thereby improving the results efficiently.


Wave therapy, aalternative method of ccancer treatment, can be successfully applied in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. 


Wave therapy method can be combined with the use of vitamin B17, antioxidants, in particular vitamin A (lycopene), E, C, selenium mineral (selenamarie) and probiotics.


It is possible to combine the wave therapy with such cancer treatment methods as treatment with walnut tincture, apricot bones (contain vitamin B17) or with hemlock (hemlock, tincture of hemlock).


We use electromagnetic waves of ranges, that are allowed for usage. It has nothing in common with the frightening microwave ranges, as well as radioactive radiation. 


After six years of our work with mentioned electromagnetic waves, no side effects have been identified.