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Kiev, Ukraine

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MTC +38 050 140 40 64


Kievstar +38 096 545 21 30


Life:) +38 063 887 61 00



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Skype - Onko-Stop.Com


e-mail: onkostopcom@gmail.com





Attention! Information for investors!



We have developed and created new author’s  and innovation method (technology) of cancer treatment - wave therapy.


During 6 years we have been studying and developing the wave therapy device. Using it we have already been providing alternative treatment of oncological deceases.

For realization and promotion of our innovation wave therapy project (technology) we have spent a lot of time, efforts and material resources.


The wave therapy device have been created and it can cure cancer right now!


For further promotion of innovation technology and move to qualitatively new level, we require investments in medical project of cancer treatment - wave therapy.

We don’t have enough material resources for investment in medical project - wave therapy.

That’s why we are looking for investor for medical project of cancer treatment - wave therapy.


We need investments for conducting of following:

preclinical researches

clinical researches

certification of device



Passing of all these stages is necessary for creation of modern medical center of wave therapy. Investments are required for foundation of medical center in Kiev as first and exemplary wave therapy center. Funding of medical project (center) is needed for legalization of permission documents, purchase (rent) of premises, search and training of staff, purchase of diagnostic equipment, promotion campaign conduction etc.


We are looking for partner - investor for our medical (innovation) project of cancer treatment. We offer investor with a share in medical center and ready for strategic cooperation. Also equity participation of investor in the latest development of cancer treatment (wave therapy) is possible on certain conditions.


In order to prove the reality of our innovation medical project to investors, we are ready to demonstrate the work of the wave therapy device and show positive results in cancer treatment.


We are ready for collaboration and real fight against cancer!

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