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- new cancer treatment
wave therapy



The wave therapy as a new method of cancer treatment was applied to more than 42 patients with cancer of different stages and types. Our new method of cancer treatment showed positive results in 92 % of cases.


A positive result means:



- complete regression of the tumor;

- significant reduction of tumor (benign or malignant);

- the destruction of the secondary formations (metastasis);

- stop tumor growth and stabilisation of the condition.


Our patients, in majority of cases, were people with 3rd and 4th stage cancer. Due to poor condition of their health (as they already went through all the possible methods of treatment), doctors refused to continue treatment in traditional way. Others rejected it by themselves taking into account the statistics, which is currently about 5 to 9 % survival rate for five years!


Using our new and alternative cancer treatment for cancer patients with 3 and 4 stage, we have obtained positive results in 90 % of cases. And this is a significant decrease in the tumor, minimizing metastasis and in other cases (10 %) stabilization and complete halt of tumor growth.


Less often people with early stage cancer (stage 1 and 2) came to us. After passing of the wave therapy course as an alternative method of cancer treatment, patients with early stage cancer achieved the results of complete tumor regression or transformation of malignant neoplasms into the cyst liquid, and also there were cases of encapsulation of the tumor!


The wave therapy method  allows to achieve positive results without harm and in the shortest possible time, much better than traditional treatment methods.

We offer you a new method of cancer treatment in Europe - the wave therapy, which is an alternative cancer treatment in Germany and France!

A new wave therapy method can be easily combined with the traditional methods of cancer treatment, that help to minimize the loss of precious time.



Breast cancer;

Cancer of the uterus, cervix and ovaries;

Thyroid cancer;

Skin cancer;

Bladder cancer;

Prostate cancer;

Liver cancer;

Cancer of the rectum and colon;

Lung cancer;


Cancer of the larynx;

Cancer of the esophagus;


Brain cancer.


A new method of cancer treatment has showed positive results in the treatment of benign neoplasms:



The cyst;






Note about a new method of uterine cancer treatment, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer of women:


The OSC team have studied materials on features and types of uterine cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer of women and developed a new method of cancer treatment for women.


Our new method, the wave therapy, is an alternative treatment for uterine cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer of women.


Traditional methods of treatment, such as surgery (removal of the female uterus, ovaries) or chemotherapy, radiation therapy cause serious complications and tragedies!

A new method of cancer treatment of women (cancer of the uterus, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer) allows you to avoid these negative consequences of traditional methods of cancer treatment, as well as cure the cancer completely at the early stages!


Our alternative cancer treatment can be combined with non-traditional treatment methods of uterine cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer for women, that are used by alternative medicine in Europe!





Examples of the wave therapy application in cancer treatment:




1. Adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

19.05.2014. Kyiv city clinical cancer center, Department of urology. Examination of prostate cancer via biopsy. Patient "A".

Definitely PSA total -8,6

The size of the prostate - 49*53*65 mm V= 88 cm3

The number of received samples 12 (right -6 , left -6)

Laboratory conclusion: adenocarcinoma of the prostate, Gleason sum 4+3= 7.


About the patient:

The age of 66.

Problems with the prostate (incl.urination) for 10 years.

Has been taking different medicine for 10 years, the last 6 years has been taking Focusin.

After the biopsy the prostate did not heal and has bee bleeding for a long time (blood in urine). Pain, itching, complications with prostate occured.

Course of the wave therapy - from 16.06.2014 to 16.07.2014.



Pain, itching and discomfort in the prostate have completely gone.

10 days after the start of the course the patient has stopped using Focusin, and within four days began to urinate without difficulties (urination easy and without pain).

17.07.2014 the patient had ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs. The size of the prostate: 54*48*55* V=74,14

The prostate gland has decreased for 14 cm3.




2. Brain tumor - glioblastoma.

The size of the tumor 100-74-91 mm.


At the beginning of the course, there was continuous tumor growth, loss of eye sight, headaches, convulsions, seizures, anemia of the left side of the body, difficulty in moving (needed constant care of relatives).


After the course the tumor has decreased (after injection of contrast substance, the maximum size of the hearth - 96-70-90 mm, the approximate size of the solid component - 32-41 mm). Conversion of glioblastomas into the cyst fluid.


A partial recovery of eye sight (can type SMS at phone, distinguish people, color and shape of the clothes, move independently),  night headaches and convulsions gone, the condition of the left side of the body has greatly improved  (easier to move her leg, hand, became softer and more sensitive).


The patient has skipped drugs at all, during the course and within 4 months after it!




3. Colorectal cancer (metastatic)

The age of 74 years.

The initial diagnosis of colon cancer.

20.04.2014 tumor resection operation has been performed in the most prestigious Ukrainian clinic. Intestines has been removed through the stoma.

After surgery (under general anesthesia) the taste for food has been lost and the patient had difficulties with eating (she had nausea and so on).

12.05.2014 MRI has been conducted.


MRI showed multiple metastases in the liver, lymph nodes, changes in the pancreas and spleen, four cysts in the kidneys.

In one month after operation the health condition of the patient began to deteriorate.

Due to age and poor health condition, the patient refused treatment by traditional methods: chemo and radiation therapy.


Searching for an alternative method of treatment, she learned about a new method of cancer treatment - wave therapy and contacted us, since she find it as more gentle method of treatment in comparison with traditional methods.


Before the course of the wave therapy, the ultrasound examination and a blood test have been done.

According to the description of the ultrasound results, numerous tumors in the liver have been indicated (the largest 35mm, renal cysts size of 10 mm).

From 25.08.2014 to 24.09.2014 23 sessions (one course) of wave therapy  was held.

The result: 03.10.2014, ultrasound scans (3D)

Tumors in the liver - from 3 to 12 mm, none kidney cysts, none lymph node metastasis.

Blood tests had qualitatively improved.

Patient's health condition has improved, the pain in the liver has gone.

On the third week of treatment, taste has partially returned and the patient started to eat better.





The first stage of preclinical trial of the wave therapy device has been ssuccessfully completed. 







Preclinical trials took place at the "Institute of experimental pathology, oncology and radiobiology named Kavetskogo R.E." on the base of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv under the guidance of Professor, S.D., Mosienko V.S..


The objective of the first stage of preclinical trials was to answer the question: does the wave therapy influence cancer body?


The first stage of preclinical trials was conducted on mice, they were subcutaneously inoculated of solid Ehrlich Carcinoma (CMV 5 000 000 cancer cells). Three groups of 6 mice each were involved. Groups were divided into two control ones and one that was exposed to a wave therapy deviсe.


The mice were exposed to from the second day after the inoculation of Ehrlich Carcinoma.


In 7 days and after 4 sessions of wave therapy, at first check in it was observed that in the control groups some mice died: first group - 2 mice , second group - 1 mouse. There was no dead mice in our group.


As was revealed during the autopsy of the dead animals, worm infestation caused the death.


It should be noted that all mice of our group were intact and active. This shows the visible support of mice' organisms, that were exposed to wave therapy device. And this is the first unexpected and positive effects identified.


There were 14 sessions of wave therapy within 21 days in total.


During next control periods was recorded the following: deceleration of tumor "release" for 6 days in the group that was exposed to wave therapy. As well as slowdown of tumor growth up to 35 - 52 %.


The life expectancy in the control group increased up to approx. 100%, and in terms of time was 46 days.


It should be noted that the life expectancy of mice in these conditions (inoculation of Ehrlich Carcinoma) ranges from 22 to 25 days.