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Q: What is it - wave therapy?


A: This is new method of cancer treatment. Currently the wave therapy device has been developed and constructed as well as methodology of its usage. As the result, positive effects in treatment of benign and malignant neoplasms have been achieved.



Q: What is it - wave therapy device?


A: Wave therapy device consists of the device itself and set of replacement radiators. The device contains the waveforms of the oscillations of range MHz 8-450 and the power supply, control system. Set of replacement radiators  - plug-in peripheral devices (antenna), the main function of which is to transfer and send a number of electromagnetic oscillations to specified point. Currently only mobile type of the wave therapy device exists.








Q: How does the wave therapy device work?


A: A combination of properly selected and arranged electromagnetic waves can destroy the signal transduction of cancer cells, and as a result - to run apoptosis of a cell. Also, due to the additional number of frequencies that are contained in a wave therapy set, cells are given the additional charge from the outside, which positively affects overall health and functioning of the body. It additionally helps in the fight against different pathologies.




Q: How exactly the device is applied?


A: The emitter of electromagnetic waves is directed precisely at the point where the tumor or metastases are. Then the manipulation is conducted for 15 -17 minutes.




Q: What is the result of oncology DISEASES treatment after wave therapy? 


A: As the result of the therapy there are following effects:

- complete tumor regression (depends on the size of the tumor)

- reduction of tumor mass

- the destruction of metastasis 

- transformation of the malignant tumor to benign (cyst fluid)

- increase the life expectancy of a cancer patient

- prevention of precancerous diseases

- activation of cellular immunity

- improving the quality of human life.





Q:What stages of cancer do you treat?


A: The wave therapy device cures cancer of 1, 2, 3 stages.

We also treat the 4th stage cancer, but it is individual and we need to examine and to diagnose the patient in order to make a decision.

It should be noted that stage 4 significantly varies from case to case, but, if we can help, we come and show excellent results.




Q: What types of cancer do you treat?


A: Malignant:







- cyst,

- adenoma

Breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, brain tumor glioblastoma and other types of cancer.





Q: Please describe the scheme of treatment?


A: Wave therapy treatment lasts for one month. 

During the month of treatment 23-25 sessions are to be held.

The session can last for 15-45 minutes, depending on the number of tumors.

Before, after and during the course of treatment, for control and monitoring of the patient, diagnostics should be performed.

Types of diagnostics: CT, PET CT, MRI, ultrasound, RENGO, ONCOLOGY MARKERS, full BLOOD count, IMMUNOGRAM.




Q: How many courses should be passed in order to be healed?


A: On the 1,2 stages of cancer, it is needed to have 2 courses during 4-5 months.

On the 3,4 stages of cancer, it is needed to have 3-5 courses of treatment.




Q: What is a statistics in wave therapy treatment?


A: We have very good results, because we affect the cancer cell directly.

With 1, 2, 3 cancer stages the therapy is effective in more than 90 % of cases!

At stage 4 all depends on the condition of the patient, but in 70 % of cases we get a positive result in the treatment of cancer!




Q: Do you treat benign tumors and cysts?


A: Yes, we treat the cyst very successfully.

The cysts up to 15 mm. are destroyed after first course.




Q: Is it possible to use wave therapy as prevention of cancer, for example after surgery?


A: It is possible and necessary!

This will allow you to avoid metastasizing!

In case when early diagnosis showed a high content of cancer cells, then you 100% need to have wave therapy and to avoid the formation of tumors!




Q: What are the advantages of the wave therapy method?


A: Our wave therapy method, as newly developed way of cancer treatment, has the most important and not voidable advantage, which no traditional medical method could offer - the wave therapy destroys the cancer cells and does not harm any healthy cell as well as body in whole!


This enables us to achieve high-quality results in the fight against cancer in the short term( within one month).

Right after passing of our cancer treatment course and in the future, there is no a necessity to use any medicines or drugs for maintenance of a body or eliminate the negative effects of treatment, as it happens after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Moreover, the patient can stop to take such drugs as painkillers.

And it should also be noted that during the the course and for some time afterwards, immune cells have been activated.

The qualitative feature of wave therapy usage is fast stop and localization of malignant processes, without causing additional harm to the body as a whole.


Direct and the exact impact of the device on the tumor and werecreature, allows to obtain positive results in 5 - 11 sessions or days.

This allows seriously ill and inoperable patients to move to resectable stage in the shortest possible time (through the reduction and foci, as well as the improvement of the general health condition). This is impossible for patients with much chemotherapy and radiation therapy because of lack of time and poor health condition.


Another important advantage of the wave therapy is a good combination with all traditional methods of treatment (in addition to radiation therapy). That allows you to skip all doubts if it helps or not and also about the loss of precious time. The wave therapy method can be combined with such a classical method of treatment as chemotherapy, and allows you to endure the side effects of chemotherapy easily, to recover faster thereby improving the results efficiently.

Wave therapy is an alternative to traditional cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery).

The cost of  wave therapy treatment is much cheaper than of traditional methods of treatment.




Q: People from what countries could get this cancer treatment?


A: We accept all cancer patients, regardless of country and origin. It could be the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain , Norway, Sweden, China, India, Japan, Qatar, sodowsky Arabia, Obedinenie Arab Emirates , Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan.




Q: How can I contact You?


A: Write an e-mail to onkostopcom@gmail.com

Or you can call on Skype / telephone numbers specified on the website in the contact section.




Q: Where are you located and where will the treatment take place?


A: The treatment is to be carried out in Kiev, Ukraine.

The course of the wave therapy will take place at the medical sanatorium.




Q: What is the cost of the monthly course of treatment?


A: The cost of the wave therapy course is individual and depends on the stage and condition of the patient!

The minimum cost is 6,500 USD.

This price includes: the wave therapy treatment, diagnostics before, after and during the course, accommodation and meals (issued special diet), rehabilitation.

You only need to buy plane tickets to visit the beautiful city of Kiev!  




Q: How long will take the stay in Kiev for a course ?


A: It is needed from 33 to 39 days!

All depends on the condition of the patient and the type of cancer!




Q: When the second and third courses of treatment should be performed?


A: The second course of treatment is to be performed in 2-3 months after the first.

The third course of treatment is to be performed in 3-5 months after the second.




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